"Evan loves Susan's Music Theory class.  This is the only class he has been so excited about that he tells me what he is learning."

- Kim Campbell

"Sherry not only teaches my children a love for the arts, she inspires them to be better people by praising and encouraging them. She guides and mentors them through the world of theater and brings out the best in them. My children have become more confident, creative, and outspoken since working with Sherry in Matinee Minis."

— Holly Potter

"Haley is excited to get back to lessons with Ms. Manning. She has been a wonderful vocal coach. Patient, kind and tough on the kids all at the same time. I am a true believer that the arts make well rounded children and increase their abilities to problem solve."

— Amanda Tilley

"I believe this program can help any child be confident in a social environment and enjoy the creativity and uniqueness that only they carry. Ms. Sherry brings out the best in each child's personality."

— Laura Scheffler

"Ms. Manning has taught me so many things...about the arts, of course, but she's also shown me much more. She's the most dedicated person I know."

— Laura Gulledge