We’re looking for the best and most creative artists, individuals or students, novice or professional, and even artistic families!  The Chalk Walk Competition is a painting event coinciding with the Artisan’s Art Walk and is open to all ages.  The Chalk Walk Competition will turn beautiful Riverside Park into a seemingly infinite canvas to showcase our region’s artistic talents. This event is open to the public, and is based on an Italian tradition, I madonnari, where artists create works of art while crowds watch or walk by.  Participants will showcase their artworks on a large concrete canvas for the public to enjoy, and winning artists are presented ribbons and awards. 


2018 Theme: The Arts in Columbia

Winning Categories: Best of Show, People's Choice, Elementary - Individual or Group (5-10 yrs)

Middle – Individual or Group (Ages 11-14), High School – Individual or Group (Ages 15-18)

College – Individual or Group, Family Participation, Adult – Individual or Group

Fill out the form below to submit your registration for the 2018 Artisans Art Walk/Chalk Walk>  There is a $10 Registration fee.  All proceeds support the Maury County Public Schools Art programs.

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By Clicking here I understand the commitment and responsibility of being in a show. I will learn my lines, be on time to rehearsals, put rehearsals above all other events in my schedule excluding those I have already spoken to the director about and I will bring a pencil and my script to every rehearsal.